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TracTuff K Series Remote Mount Swirl Pot

€569.99 - €624.99
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I've taken several stabs at producing a "one size fits all" swirl pot solution for K powered EG/ DC2/ EK drag cars but everyone seems to do things that get in the way or produces plumbing issues. This is my answer if you cant bring me the vehicle.

The remote mount swirl pot incorporates my new bolt down base and has an entry and exit clocked for placement behind the drivers headlight and bolted to the frame rail; just in front of the transmission mount/ bracket.

The placement was chosen because the inlet to the swirl pot is higher than the cylinder head outlet, making this the highest point in the cooling system without cluttering up an area you might need to access during maintenance or repairs. Placement also eliminates plumbing issues where traditional fill necks and engine mounted fill pots/ swirl pots either don't line up well (either due to no space or a lack of communication) with the radiator inlet or leave little to no room for hose.

Using a small radiator with a top center inlet, you should be able to use a 45° fitting and a straight on the swirl pot outlet. Using gangster lean engine mounts, you will use a 90° fitting on the water neck and either a 30° fitting pointed down slightly or a straight. Two feet of -16 hose should be more than enough to finish the install. Understand that these are just recommendations... due to the various radiators being used, their unique differences as well as placement, may change the radiator inlet to swirl pot outlet fittings and/ or hose length.

I call this "K Race" because the product does not have a water bypass feature and should only be used on drag race engines that typically do not use a thermostat or only run for very short periods of time. I recommend the PRB/ PRC Race Flange or the RBB/ RBC and Water Bypass Block Off  if you are not keeping water bypass and the PRB/ PRC V1 or V2 water neck or RBB/ RBC Water Bypass if you are.  

NOTE: Made to Order - Contact for ETA and/or if you are interested in a non-lean version or a specific design that varies from this, please email us at or if you have questions related to the configuration or options. The cap bung has a 1/16" NPT port for connection to an overflow and uses early model Honda radiator caps, such as an 88'-91' Civic/ CRX or 90'-93' Integra.